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Just like any household device, Harbour Breeze ceiling fans can have problems or break down. When this happens, you will need to do a bit of troubleshooting and repair, and sometimes, have to change the parts.

Here are the main Harbor Breeze fan parts:

Blades or paddles - These are the parts that rotate and move the air around, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Originally, ceiling fans had only two blades but today, can have up to six. Most Harbor breeze fans have either three, five or six blades, which are made of different sturdy materials with a variety of finishes.

Replacement blades are easy to find, unless your ceiling fan is really unique, since these come in a universal size, so you just have to pick the right material and finish. Most of them are also reversible and easy to install.

Electric motor - This is basically what powers your ceiling fan, and varies depending on the type of ceiling fan you have. Often, when a fan stops working, buying a new motor is a cheaper option than having the old one repaired.

Blade arms - These attach the fan blades to the motor and are also available in different styles - most Harbor breeze fans have ones made of brass. They are also called blade irons, blade brackets or simply blade holders.

Ceiling mount - This mechanism is what attaches the fan to the ceiling and also has different types. The most popular is the ball-and-socket mechanism wherein there is a metal sphere attached to a metal bracket at the end of the downrod, allowing the fan to move around freely.

There is also a J-hook mechanism wherein the fan is attached to the end of a metal hook, which in turn, is bolted to the ceiling, and a low-ceiling adapter that eliminates the need for a downrod, so that the fan appears attached to the ceiling instead of hanging from it, ideal for low ceilings.

Another mount good for low ceilings is the close-to-ceiling mount which is a variation of the ball-and-socket mechanism with the fans directly connected to the metal bracket.

Downrod - This is the metal rod from which the fan is suspended.

Lights - Most ceiling fans have lights attached to them, making them more practical and beautiful. These can be uplights that shine onto the ceiling, or light kits that reflect light downwards like regular light bulbs. Of course, these need replacing every once in a while, depending on how often you use them.

Pull chains and switches - These Harbor Breeze fan parts which often appear decorative turn the ceiling fan on and off, reverse the direction of the blades, adjust their speed and also turn the lights on and off, and can snap when tugged too strongly.

You can find prices on Harbor Breeze fan parts or learn more about Harbour Breeze ceiling fans here.

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